• Part # P26156 Fuel Lines, designed for Holley dual feed carburetors, feature braided -8AN line with a -4AN fitting for a fuel pressure gauge. Fuel line is 9-5/16” center to center.
  • Fuel is what makes the power in a nitrous application. You have to get it there and you have to control it. This modified Holley regulator is setup to open on a hair trigger and offer stable fuel pressure throughout the run. It's been body relieved to speed up the opening rate and hand seated to reduce fuel creep. More instantly available torque for your nitrous program can be yours for only $64.95. Part # PN-803
  • Part # P2125 These Anti Reversion or Shear Plates for 2.030 to 2-1/8″ bore base plate carburetors (1250 cfm Dominator Carburetors are typically 2-1/8″ size throttle blades) are the only way to fight reversion problems. Reversion problem symptoms are: 1. Poor throttle response 2. Poor cylinder to cylinder control of fuel 3. Difficulty in properly jetting engine 4. Lazy shift recovery and acceleration These plates simply bolt on between your carburetor and intake manifold and are only 1/2″ thick at the deck and the reversion ledges extend down into the intake area a further 1/2″. 2-1/8″ bore Anti Reversion plates: $85.00 each (Gaskets included).

    The Mach 4 Air Straightener for 4500 series intake manifolds is 1" tall. If you are mounting your SV1 on a 4500 series intake, the Mach 4 is just the ticket for maximizing power and throttle response. The Mach 4 is designed for the 115mm blade equipped SV1 to increase horsepower, improve low speed signal on low signal engine programs, increase throttle response and drastically improve part throttle signal generation. A typical 900-1300 h.p. engine will consistently show a 7-12 h.p. gain when employing the Mach 4 Air Straightener.
  • Part # 7742 The SV1 keeps getting better and better. Fresh off the win at Hot Rod Drag Week, Dual SV1's powered the fastest Naturally aspirated car to ever win the event. The SV1 then won a heads up shootout against the best in the business in a independent dyno competition. Well a new development in boosters for the SV1 has entered the arena. If you have a real tight converter and your car leaves real lazy or worse yet, you cant even get the car to jump up on the converter when you stomp it? We got the answer. Are you looking for more torque and a carb(s) that will instantly jump to the chip when staging? Our SV1's are now available with Power boosters. Our new SV1 Power boosters massively expand the low rpm fuel cone and they incredibly strengthen low speed signal for improved low rpm atomization and instant response to throttle movement and shift recovery. These things are wicked!! Available now for all model SV1's. $29.00 per booster (2 per carb required).
  • Part # PG-803 The PG-803 is nothing new. Its a professionally modified Holley regulator that's been used for years in NHRA Pro-Stock competition. Unlike look-alike regulators that make big flow claims yet still utilize the small seat area that froths and foams up the fuel.  We install a 50 percent larger seat area to reduce fuel bowl foam and stabilize the fuel pressure during high flow rates.  You get good clear burnable fuel and more consistent power from run to run. Once again simplistic design is the key to consistency and reliability. The PG-803 has enough flow capability to CLEANLY feed over 1000 horsepower!
  • Part # 7111 **Available now as an upgrade for all Pro Systems 4150, SV1 and Dominator carburetors.  $79.00 per block.
  • Part # PN 7790 Simplify the installation of a Wide open throttle switch on your SV1 with this heavy duty bracket and Micro switch.
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