440 GPH Fuel Pump with Regulator

440 GPH Fuel Pump with Regulator


Part # 8804-C

If you are looking for a fuel pump that will feed big power AND is easy to plumb. Our #8804 fuel pump and regulator combo does the trick. This is a carefully selected combination of parts designed to eliminate the high side pressure design fuel systems. These antiquated layouts simply wear the pump out, heat the fuel up and drain your battery.

Our #8804 Fuel pump and regulator combo operates on a return setup. This greatly increases pump life and greatly improves fuel pressure accuracy.

Under High fuel demand or when G-force loads are high, the bypass loads the pump and the pump steps up to give the fuel line those pressure increases needed to keep your carb or nitrous fuel pressure rock solid. BUT, when G-forces or fuel demand is low… like when you slow back down or are driving around, the return style system takes the load off the pump.

This layout reduces wear, eliminates heating/boiling of the fuel, simplifies plumbing and reduces battery draw.


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Part # 8804  440 GPH Pump  $249.00

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Part # 8804-C 440 GPH Pump w/ Bypass Regulator  $329.00