• Part # 8804-C If you are looking for a fuel pump that will feed big power AND is easy to plumb. Our #8804 fuel pump and regulator combo does the trick. This is a carefully selected combination of parts designed to eliminate the high side pressure design fuel systems. These antiquated layouts simply wear the pump out, heat the fuel up and drain your battery. Our #8804 Fuel pump and regulator combo operates on a return setup. This greatly increases pump life and greatly improves fuel pressure accuracy.
    Under High fuel demand or when G-force loads are high, the bypass loads the pump and the pump steps up to give the fuel line those pressure increases needed to keep your carb or nitrous fuel pressure rock solid. BUT, when G-forces or fuel demand is low... like when you slow back down or are driving around, the return style system takes the load off the pump. This layout reduces wear, eliminates heating/boiling of the fuel, simplifies plumbing and reduces battery draw.  
  • Part # P26157
    Are you tired of buying different fuel line kits for different carbs or adding a bowl extension or different metering blocks and then your log won't fit? Well our new adjustable fuel log solves all those issues.  The design fits all the SV1 carburetors, 4150 and even the Dominator style carburetors.
    This is the last fuel log you should ever have to buy.  We thought of everything on this one.  It also includes all the fittings you see here.  The unit uses an o-ring design and extra length sweep to allow it to slide to fit every combination we could think of. This allows for the use of standard or thicker metering blocks, it can be used with or without bowl extensions and is even compatible for carburetors that dont use rear metering blocks (like vacuum secondary carbs).
    The extra large capacity fuel log storage area helps reduce foamed fuel from entering the bowl and it also has provisions for a fuel pressure sensor.
    Its coated for corrosion resistance and is compatible with all street and racing fuels even Q16, Alcohol and E85 fuels.
  • Part # P26156 Fuel Lines, designed for Holley dual feed carburetors, feature braided -8AN line with a -4AN fitting for a fuel pressure gauge. Fuel line is 9-5/16” center to center.
  • Part # P26158 Fuel Lines, designed for Holley Dominator and SV1 series carburetors, feature braided -8AN inlet and -4AN fitting for a fuel pressure gauge.
  • Part # P12-704