Jill McSwain debuts his SV1 in his Bickel Top Sportsman Firebird with a win!.

Jill McSwain got his SV1 last week.  He knew right away it was good and fast.  Out of the box it was a tenth and 3 mph faster than a competitors custom built carb.  But he was blown away by the SV1’s consistency.  Jill entered his Firebird with his new SV1 onboard in the IHRA Top Sportsman Divisional Race and took it right to the win this past weekend at Jacksonville, NC.   Jill said “6 rounds of competition and this SV1 carb is the fastest and most consistent carb I’ve ever owned. We ran seven 5.14’s in a row to take the win!”

Chris Ellington is at it again!  Chris won the King of the Street limited tire class this weekend on a marginal track at best at Natural Bridge Dragstrip.  “The mph of our SV1 carburetor saved the day as that track was terrible, so we left easy and then out mph’ed everyone there to take the win! Running low 5’s all day at 136 mph in the eighth!”

Ellington’s Mustang scores another win.

Henry Thomae doubled up at Edinburgh International Raceway in Texas.  Winning not only the Big Tire 5.50 index class but the next day he bolted on a set of 10.5’s and won that class too!!  Henry won some big money…so drinks are on him!

Henry “The Undertaker” Thomae doubles up.

Rich Forbes took over with a bracket assault as he used a pair of our Alky Dominators in his dragster to take on all comers and grab the win.

Mike Lavigne and his SCCA road race Mustang has been setting records and winning races as well.  Mike reset the Track records at both New Hampshire International and the famous Lime Rock Park in his A/Sedan car.  To add insult to injury he won both the races too.  Great Job Mike!!

Mike Lavigne with his winning Mustang

Ian Mcniven took his Walls Rod and Custom sponsored Mustang to the winners circle at Brainerd last week.  In a REAL street car race that also required a 10 mile cruise, Ians’ Pro Systems carbureted Mustang fought through the pile to stand at the top when all was said and done.  Consistent low 9 second passes were the road to victory. Congrats Ian!

Ian McNiven with his Mustang in the Winner’s Circle at Brainerd