Congrats to Danny Perry who uses Pro Systems carburetion on his 784 c.i.  B and D auto (252.235.2401) built engine to win the coveted “Big Dog” Race. Perry also set the new
record at 4.08! The previous record was held by another Pro Systems customer (Bob Harris) at a 4.09. Thats some tough competition. Perrys engine… passed tech inspection with flying colors.

Danny Perry’s Haas Corvette is the new BIG DOG!

Speaking of Big Dogs, Charlie Booze Jr. was at it again and grabbed the win in NMRA Hot Street at the Bradenton event.  He also wowed the crowd with a number one qualifying pass of 8.47 seconds.  So congrats to the “Freight Train” that is Charlie Booze on another win.  Keep that momentum going!

Reher Morrison recently dynoed the SV1 we built for their 565 Super Series package.  See the dyno specs that Reher Morrison sent us below.  Looking at those figures a bigger SV1 is in order for the program to show more horsepower up top (however it carried the power much farther out) and the SV1 we sent them carried a 17.5 h.p. AVERAGE gain over the four barrel carb they typically use.  The SV1 is up 33 lbs of torque and 32 h.p. right off the starting line!

Before GiIles Valiquette had even ran his 95mm SV1 we called him up to return it and swap it for the 110mm version and our new Big Bore spacer adapter.  As we told him there was at least another 15 h.p. in the combo if we made that upgrade.  We were right.

Gilles Valiquette dynoed his 110MM 1160 cfm SV1 (with the SV1 you can run a larger carb than normal) on his 782 h.p. small block Ford.

Gilles ALSO used our NEW 110mm to 4150 adapter to install the BIG SV1 on his 4150 intake. He showed a 25 h.p. gain with this combination as compared to one of our very top of the line 1000 cfm 4150 carbs. So thats a good move!

To prove our point, Gilles then installed a very nice (perfectly sized for the small block combo) 1100 cfm Pro Systems Dominator with the required 4150 to Dominator adapter and the Dominator made 35 less h.p. than the SV1 and 10 less h.p. than the 4150!!  HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN!?

Well, we had already been there done that.  Here is a link to explain why, and allow you to review our NEW adapter spacer:

Check out the pic of Gilles wicked Mustang.