Charlie Booze did it again.  Started the season off with a crushing blow on the Hot Street class.

The recent NMRA Nats held at Bradenton Motorsports park were dominated by  “The Red Mist” of the Booze Mustang.  It shattered the Hot Street class record by about a tenth of a second and grabbed the mph record and even the win.

Thats a nice start to the season.

Speaking of nice starts to a season, Ken Ratzloff races an A/Gas Studebaker in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage series(we all know that as the “Good Guys” events).

Ken qualified number one at 7.60 seconds at the fabled Famoso dragstrip and took the win in the finals with a deadly consistent 7.601 pass.

OK, our season is in full swing and we are buried so we gotta get back at it.

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