Pontiac Purists Rejoice!! You are finally in the 6’s!! Another Pro Systems World Fastest Record…this time from Kevin Swaney of Tin Indian Performance as he built the first and only naturally aspirated REAL Pontiac engine to power a vehicle into the 6 second zone. The dual Pro Systems Dominator equipped Kaufman headed Pontiac dragster ran 6.81 @ 192 mph!!

Jim St. Charles was next to grab a record.  He recorded the first and only 9 second pass in NMRA Pure Street history using our custom designed NMRA Pure Street legal carburetor (designed to wring every last bit of power out of that program).  Jim even went on to win the event, making the ProTree race cars (Tel: 765.779.0900) Mustang not only a Record holder, but a winner to boot as Jim set that record in the final round of competition. 

Congrats Jim as that 9 second barrier was a goal folks had been after for years.  This guy came from literally nowhere racing his first full season ever in 2009 in a entry level class before switching over to the highly competitive Pure Street class and then Jim just set the class on fire!!  He does his homework that’s for sure.

Speaking of goals Jack Noppinger had a goal for his pump gas naturally aspirated Corvette street car.  Great driveability and 8’s!  That was the goal.  So Jack stepped up to one of our SV1 series carburetors and he got both his wishes.  The pump gas Corvette drives around perfectly just like a “grocery getter” as Jack stated and was a tenth quicker with his new 110-98 SV1 and that put him over the top.  Great job Jack now go enjoy that car….you don’t really go get groceries with that car do you?