Gary Spencer put 3.5 mph on the AA record at Bonneville Speedweeks last week as his 1970 Camaro grabbed the AA record.  This highly coveted class record was previously held by David Freiburger and the Hot Rod Magazine Camaro at 252.481.

AA is a seriously competitive class and with a top speed over 258 mph during one of the runs in essentially a stock bodied car…is in all respects very dangerous.  But Gary “Danger is my business” Spencer showed everyone who the boss of the salt was and took home the record for our side.   We were glad to be of assistance in tuning you for this event Gary and its nice working with a team of your caliber.

Congratulations on your record!


Speaking of incredible performances, Trevor Stripling is at it again in Ultimate Street.  With his single Pro Systems Nitrous Pro IV carbureted Camaro, Trevor made an unofficial pass that eclipses the record at an amazing 5.04 seconds at 143.86 mph in the 1/8th of a mile.

Watch the video…he makes this look so easy as the front end only lightly touches the track all the way down.  Wow…just wow!