Sorry for the delayed In the news reports..its that time of year and we are heads down at work.  Quick update in the drag racing venue, Congrats to Tyler Jenkins who recently won the Pro Outlaw Doorslammers Invitational Crown at Jacksonville, NC.

Tyler uses an Eagle Racing Engines 762 c.i. engine, Pro Systems carburetors and a 1963 Corvette as his weapon of choice.   Tyler grabbed the #1 spot with a 4.10 e.t. and then went all the way to the final to take the win.

In the circle track category, big news came from the Yeoman Racing Engines camp.



We have had plenty of 1-2-3 finishes in classes over the years with our carburetors but B-Mod is a class that we have really spent some time lately developing a design for and last weekend it really paid off.    It paid off not only for us, but for Yeoman Racing Engines (also known as Dyna-Tech) as well.  Last week at the Springfield, MO Raceway, we (Yeoman Racing Engines and Pro Systems) took a 1-2-3-4 finish in the hotly contested B-Mod class now thats domination in a highly populated and nationally competitive class.

Congrats to Tim Belk, Billy Street, Jon Yeoman Jr. and Dalran Hendrix for that fantastic win for our teams. 

In Bracket Racing News:

Marty Flegal along with his Dad/Crewchief Martin Flegal recently switched over to our Engine Friendly Alcohol Dominator program and promptly went out and grabbed the win that Saturday night.  But it gets better, in the last six Division One races they’ve entered, they have won half of them.  Thats a .500 win average.  Their S-10 is powered by a Ron Mellinger built 408 c.i. engine and runs consistent 9.0’s at 148 mph.   The last race they entered their truck in, it ran 9.03-9.05 throughout the whole event (day to night) to take the win!  Great stuff for sure!