ADRL Pro Nitrous is the big dogs.  Enter Thomas Myers into that dog pack.   The ADRL event at National Trail raceway was a fight to the end as Thomas “Slick” Myers took the big trophy home.  Myers ADRL Pro Nitrous victory was no easy task as he faced some heavy hitters every round.  To make things even tougher, his final round opponent was none other than Shannon “The Iceman” Jenkins.

Thomas and his self funded underdog team used consistency to put ol’ Shannon on the trailer too.  Quoting Meyers…”Dreams can come true”

The 1963 Corvette of Myers used a pair of Pro Systems Dominators on a Reher Morrison Powerplant to run a 4.023 second pass in the final to take the win.

Stefan Gustaffson from Sweden used one of our E85 carburetors to take on all comers at their recent event over in Sweden.

The 850 h.p. Lewis Racing Engines combination uses a single Pro Systems E85 Dominator.  Stefan, was very pleased with the performance of our E85 design.  Stating, “Right out of the box, it idled and drove perfect and the jetting was dead on.  BUT the best part is we only burned $50.00 in E85 fuel for the event as compared to the $500.00 in racing gas we usually spend.  Actually the best part was it’s consistent performance allowing us to win the event”.
Check out the racing action in Sweden.  It has a real street feel to it doesn’t it?  Great stuff.

David Wakefield continued adding wins to our side in the “Pinks All Out” series.  I think our count is up to about 5 or 6 of these races.  Wakefield once again used consistency to trample the field in his Chevelle at the recently run Seattle “Pinks All Out” event.

Great job Dave…cool car too!