Warren Johnson, the winning-est driver in NHRA Pro Stock competition, also known as “The Professor of Pro Stock”, will be spearheading the effort to legalize the SV1 for use in NHRA’s Pro Stock class.

Warren states:  I have reviewed the design of the SV1 and there is something to this carburetor that we need to explore.  The SV1 looks to offer certain advantages that four barrel carburetors don’t offer and it looks as if the SV1 design will not have the issues that four barrel designs regularly display and that in a four barrel design we have been unable to overcome.

Mr. Johnson and Pro Systems company President Patrick James have formed an alliance to develop the design for use in the category.

Mr. James states:  I don’t think making horsepower will be a problem for the SV1 as we have yet to be beat with the design.  The hurdle will be getting it past NHRA scrutineers as it is very different from the norm.  But the NMCA and NMRA have already accepted it, so the doors are opening pretty quickly as the sharper folks can look at the design and see its a better way to do the job.   David Reher of Reher Morrison called our shop the day he first saw an SV1.  David stated, he knew the layout of the SV1 was the proper way to do a carburetor from the moment he saw it.  Proclaiming it the most innovative thing he has ever seen in carburetion.

Mr. James further states: As far as NHRA Pro Stock goes, the one thing I do NOT want is a custom one-off $6000.00 set of SV1 carburetors for the class.  I want to retain all the developed simplistic design features of the SV1 to attain this goal.  Simple straight forward designs are more reliable, consistent and require less maintenance.  The current layout of the SV1 gives the design incredible consistency and tuneability and I want to retain those features in the NHRA design.


We want the NHRA version of our SV1 to be the same basic carb that our average customer can purchase for their program.  Then all the technology can be transferred back and forth, so its a win-win. 

The goal is to give all competitors a legitimate race carburetor that out powers the ultra expensive carburetors but at a fraction of the price.  That is the goal, a lofty one..but thats my plan.

These NHRA Pro Stock racers are currently required to purchase multiple sets of carburetors as the year progresses to stay competitive in their respective classes.  Most NHRA four barrel carbs are typically high strung thoroughbreds that require lots of maintenance and they only fit a very limited application.  The SV1 design has been proven to have faster throttle response, shift recovery and better atomization as well as a much improved form of cylinder distribution adjustment over a four barrel and more versatility in design application to better adapt to a changing program to avoid purchasing new carbs every time your program makes a minor change.

The NMCA and NMRA have legalized the SV1, BUT they restricted the SV1’s performance advantage somewhat by adding weight to the vehicle if you use the SV1’s and in some cases by restricting venturi diameter on the SV1 to keep it more inline with a four barrels power output.  States Patrick James, “If the NHRA wants to do that as well, I am fine with that.”

Dyno testing will begin in a few weeks, but don’t expect an instant raceday appearance, it takes five races into the season before the design could be made legal AFTER approval by the NHRA.  This to allow other competitors ample time to purchase and test the design on their own program.  So mid-summer or Fall is a best bet.

On the racing front, congrats to Mike Stavrinos who pulled off “The Double” winning and driving two cars at the Bradenton Outlaw Race.  Mike used Pro Systems carburetion and Induction Solutions Nitrous injection on both cars to take the wins.  Mike captured both the Outlaw 10.5 and Automatic Pro Mod titles.  Seriously, isn’t that the coolest Corvette you have ever seen…yes we like the Mustang too.

Stavrinos Doubles Up

Speaking of Corvettes, a congratulations to Simon Gregg who recently won the American Road Race of Champions in his Derhaag Corvette.  Grabbing not only the pole for the Road Atlanta based event, but scoring the win by 20 seconds over the rest of the field of very fast Corvettes, Mustangs and Jaguars.