Jay Hinkelman called us on a Monday 3 days before he was to enter the Milan “Pinks All Out” event.

Now,  if you don’t know what “Pinks All Out” is…its drag racing the way it should be….the way it used to be. The right way.

You don’t need no stinkin’ Christmas Tree when your racin’ “Pinks All Out”

We talked a bit about Jay’s combination and we came up with an overall program.    We  then burned the midnight oil to get a carburetor out to him the next day.  Our one stipulation was simple: If you make it to the Winners Circle you better give us some thanks.  Jay put the carb on as delivered, made it all the way to the Winners Circle with a deadly consistent car and won the event.

The sign of a true professional then emerged, Jay had the clarity of mind to give us thanks as he promised…BUT was smart enough to thank his wife first.

Good work Jay!

But the “Pinks All Out” assault wasn’t over.   Shawn Blythe called us from yet another “Pinks All Out” event, this one held at Budd’s Creek. We made a few jetting calls and poured over some data in his freshly received carburetor and Shawn took the win for our side at that event as well. Man I love that show!

Shawn Blythe – Congrats on your “Pinks All Out” win!!!

The Summit Super Series is just that: Super. Its the pinnacle of bracket racing challenges. The 2007 Summit Super Series World Champion Chad Hedgecock drove his Eagle Racing Engines  powered, Pro Systems carbureted dragster to a 22-4 record, holy cow!! Chad took home a Racetech 4-Link dragster and a mountain of cash for his efforts. Drinks are on him.

Summit World Bracket Champion – Chad Hedgecock
 Tony Ridenour shocked the stands at the recent Snowbird Nationals.  Tony’s 1994 Camaro made the Quickest Nitrous pass in Drag radial history.  The 7.66 second pass at 184 mph was more than enough to get the win at the event.  Tony uses Nelson Competition power (727.321.5756) and one of our 1600 cfm Nitrous Pro IV carburetors to motivate the 632 c.i. powerplant.

Fastest Nitrous pass in Drag Radial History  —  Tony Ridenour

Back at our shop we made the trek down to Sebring International Raceway for some SCCA road course racing this past weekend. The Pro Systems #34 Mustang, driven by Patrick James and crew chiefed by company employee Brad Hosmer grabbed the pole and never looked back.


But it was not without incident as the car was a handful in the fast corners and braking zones. The car tried several times to swap ends and was not fond of any rear brake at all. But a loose car is a fast car and if you can hold onto it you’re gonna fly…. and hold on we did for qualifying.

However, this situation needed corrected for race day, as a loose car will over work tires and make the car un-drivable in a long run. Finally moments before the Pro Systems Mustang took to the grid for the main event, a defective rear shock was discovered and repaired. Special thanks to our offsite (we call him our assistant crew chief) Andy McDermid of HMR racing for help with that diagnosis.

The #34 Pro Systems carbureted Felice powered Mustang immediately handled like a dream.  Making a perfectly timed start and getting clear of the field, to score a victory.

Watch for the Baddest of the Bad 2007 coming up in a week or so. If you have a Pro Systems carbureted Record or Championship and want to be included in this nationally advertised promotion (your sponsors will love you for it). Send us a non-copyrighted photo and a short press release to:

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