WInner first time out!!!  3/7/10:  Kenny Johnson debuts his SV1 with a win in Real Street class at Emerald Coast Dragway.  ” We were told the SV1’s are fast, so right out of the box, we took 4 degrees of timing out (which slows us down a tenth) so we could stay at the top of our 5.70 index class.  The SV1 still ran our “fastest pass ever” by .03 of a second with the engine turned down.  Wow is this thing consistent too, we won the race!  If we turn our timing back up our SV1 should run about .13-.15 faster than our fastest pass ever. It takes about 30 “real world” horsepower to get that kind of a E.T. gain in the 1/8th mile.  We love our SV1, its great!


Laszlo Tasnady switched to an SV1 and gained 30 h.p. over his four barrel carb. The 1100 plus h.p. 600 c.i. Ford uses a Single SV1 on Q16. The Mustang driven by Angel Padilla made its first few shake down passes on the motor, last weekend. Recording back to back 7.76’s and a fastest pass of 7.73. Next comes the nitrous
The ORTC event in Georgia took place this weekend and Spurgeon Adkins small block Mustang rolled to the line with his NEW SV1 and the NEW Halo Nitrous plate for the SV1.  With out of the box jetting on BOTH products Adkins ripped off a 5.25 @ 134 mph!  The fastest pass the car has ever made!

The SV1 and the NEW Halo plate debut at the ORTC Georgia event with a “Fastest pass ever” proclamation.

In other news as we go racing around the world.

Dateline Bahrain:  Nawar Al Alawi entertained the folks in the Street class.  Nawar recently purchased a Pro Systems carburetor for his S-10 and picked up 3 tenths right out of the box.  Nawar won his class in the carbs debut.

Congrats to you and thanks to the Q.R.T. (Qahraman Racing Team) for entertaining our troops at this event.  In case you didn’t know, the area these folks race, Bahrain and Qatar are American friendly places where our troops go for R and R (rest and relaxation).  We also have very mutual interests.  Racing.  And darn good racing too…these QRT guys and the racers from that area are good…very good.

These folks entertain our folks with top notch racing and many of our troops have emailed that “hearing those engines makes us feel closer to home, the Qatar and Bahrain people are very friendly and many of them speak excellent English so the bench racing goes on for hours after the races are over.”

Now thats what the world should be like.

We and they appreciate the QRT folks for all the hospitality they have shown us and certainly for inviting us to their events.


Continuing our travels around the world…

Dateline Japan:  Atsushi Sera is a big fan of American Horsepower.  He is the owner/driver of a pretty awesome Corvette.  He races in the Japanese Pro Stock class (which means full tube chassis).  The big American brute makes some fierce horsepower as you can see by the photo it can really tear up the Japanese tracks.

We got involved in Atsushi Sera’s program when his Crew Chief Yoshihiko Miyairi had us build some tunnel ram carbs for their program when he felt they were lacking in that department.

Yoshihiko writes back and I quote:

“I thought my Dominators (old carbs) were well tuned but when use your carbs, old Dominators were big mistake.

I now feel incredible response and rev-up with your carbs, your job and carbs are awesome !!

You gave me smooth idling , smooth rev up (doesn’t have “flat spot”) , faster E.T , MPH and more !!
(Without jet change, just bolt on !!)

I appreciate very much for your job and support, you always reply my questions ASAP !!

You are the most kindly person I ever deal in USA .

Thanks for the kinds words Yoshihiko, keep racing that Corvette..we love that big V8 power too!