Pro Systems is credited with not only being the First Tunnel Ram carburetors in the three second zone (a record set by Doug Reisterer using Reher Morrison power and a set of our Nitrous Pro IV Tunnel Rams), at this point in time we are still the ONLY tunnel ram   carburetors in the three second zone as Thomas Myers recently stole the record from Doug and reset it at 3.94 seconds!    Congrats to Thomas who also uses a set of our Nitrous Pro IV Tunnel rams and Reher Morrison power.  Thomas would like to thank Monte Smith for the record setting tuneup.

Mike Martin wowed everyone on a 10.5 tire as he debuted a brand new car with a brand new engine from Albert Racing Engines at Dinwiddie Raceway.  The 786 c.i. Pro Systems Split Dominator equipped 10.5 tire car ran consistent 7.30’s at 195 mph to win the race its first time out of the trailer.

In little 10 inch tire racing, Trevor Stripling is still at it, this time he reset the Temple Texas Track Record for his class at 5.16 seconds and 139 mph!!   139 mph in a stock bodied Camaro in an eighth mile!  WOW.  Congrats on winning the event as well.  Trevor would like to thank his crew, Jeff, Rick and Vic @ Naiser Racing Components , Neal Racing Transmissions, Speedtech Nitrous, Neal Chance Racing Converters and Pro Systems Carburetors.

Trevor Stripling is the among the best in the world on a 10 inch tire.

On the subject of 10.5 tire cars Robs Raceshop called recently and told us he used one of our Nitrous Pro IV Dominators and a 632 with two nitrous kits to make the fastest pass we’ve heard of on a 29.5-10.5 tire at 4.56 seconds!!  Holy Cow!!

Congratulations to Rob Meserve who used a set of our Tunnel ram Dominators to recently win the Division 5 Top Sportsman race.

Here comes Bobby D’ Andrea again!  This time he set a new Record in Modified Super Stock, traveling the Union Grove Raceway 1/4 mile in 7.46 seconds and 187 mph, he also went on to win the race dubbed “The Brawl at Union Grove”.  Lots of Chicago Heavy hitters at that race, so that moniker was probably as accurate as they come.  Great job Bobby D’, thanks for flying our flag.  Bobby uses one of our custom 1600 cfm monsters to feed his Big Block Camaro.

An amazing 26.07 second pass by Wicked Racing grabbed the win at 50th Annual Grants Pass Oregon Boatnik event that was attended by over 200,000 people.  The Don Zozosky driven Eds Automotive powered boat, turns like a Formula One car and uses one of our custom 3 circuit Annular 4150 carbs for the instant throttle response and G-force resistant capabilities the design possesses.  It requires incredible equipment and driver capability to go fast on this incredibly difficult standardized circuit configuration.  Congrats on your win Don and the gang at Wicked Racing.  Check out this video and his amazing perfect lap at the 4:00 mark…great stuff.