The BIG DOG shootout was the hottest event on the East Coast this past month.  Jason Harris used Pro Systems carburetion and Albert Machine power to run a 4.209 second 171.7 mph blast to win the event.  The field was filled with 700 plus cubic inch powerplants and the little Albert Machine 632 whipped ’em all!  It was the fastest field in Big Dog History.  This is some serious racing folks…you have to see this…the cars are wicked fast and the tension is thick.  Great job Jason, you are the Big Dog.

In SCCA Road racing Jim Wheeler is the unstoppable force.  Jim of is on a roll.  Winning  3 out of 4 National events he’s entered in his Pro Systems carbureted A/Sedan Trans Am.

Jim Wheelers Trans Am hanging it out in front of Andy McDermids Mustang

Not to be outdone, the immoveable object in SCCA A/Sedan competition is is one of our Test Team drivers Andy McDermid.  Andy is also winning races, grabbing pole positions and setting Track records in his Pro Systems carbureted A/Sedan Mustang.

Coming off two weekends of winning and resetting the track record at Blackhawk, Andy followed that up with a win, a pole position, fastest lap of the race and a new track record at Mid-Ohio.   These two guys are gonna meet at the Runoffs this year…its truly gonna be the immoveable object versus the unstoppable force…it’s gonna get ugly.

Dennis Kline races in IHRa Top Dragster and that is one hotly contested dragster class.  Dennis holds the distinction of being the fastest single carbureted car on the premises at these IHRA events.  Dennis’ Huntsville Engine powered, Pro Systems carbureted digger travels the 1/4 mile in 6.48 seconds at 210 mph.  Dennis is coming off a recent runner up at Milan, MI so when you see him, be sure you hit him up for beer money while he still has some left.

Dennis Kline, just likes going fast.

In NMCA competition Jim Widener used Bischoff Engine Service power and Pro Systems carburetion to set the World Record in Nostalgia Pro Street competition.  It now stands at 7.45 seconds.  Thats gonna be tough to beat!!  Great job Jim!

Speaking of NMCA NPS racing, Kevin Parent scored a recent win in NMCA NPS at the Bowling Green event.  Kevins Old School Nova is always a player and in the thick of it.  Good Job Kevin.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!