The “Baddest of the Bad for 2008” is a list of the best racers and engine builders for the 2008 racing season.

This is a customer supplied results page for the 2008 racing season only.   We encourage you to enjoy our deep racing history by reviewing our older “In the News” columns from prior seasons.

Bill Glidden

  • Bill Glidden – ADRL Extreme 10.5 Champion/Record Holder
  • Steve Jackson – ORSCA EZ Street Champion
  • Tony Bischoff – Worlds Fastest Automatic 6.37 @ 222 mph
  • Trevor Stripling – Texas Ultimate Street Record Holder

  • Jim Widener – NMCA Nostalgia Pro Street Champion/E.T. Record Holder
  • Jeff Colletta – NMCA Nostalgia Pro Street Champion/MPH Record Holder

  • John Macaluso – NMCA Street Race Champion/Record Holder
  • Howard Michael – IHRA Top Sportsman Champion Div. 5.
  • Robert Matthews –  NHRA Top Sportsman Div 6. 1st Place
  • Randy Johnson  NHRA Top Sportsman Div 6. 2nd Place
  • Daryl Hemley – NHRA Top Sportsman Div 6. 3rd Place
  • Ken Ratzloff – NHRA A/Gas Championship

  • Patrick James (Pro-Systems President)- SCCA Sebring Track Record/Championship A/Sedan
  • Eddie Miller – Hot Rod Drag Week Pro Street Champion
  • David Paschall – Hot Rod Drag Week Naturally Aspirated Champion
  • Michael Demayo – NMCA Pro Stock Champion
  • Andy McDermid – SCCA Triple Crown Winner/Record Holder A/Sedan

  • Corky Markwart – King of the Strip Pro Mod Championship
  • Bill Gray – SCCA National Championship GT-1
  • Darren Tedder – Dyno Max Challenge Winner
  • Richard Burdette – Dyno Max Challenge Runner Up

  • Gary Spencer – Bonneville Speed Record – 250.7 MPH!
  • Charlie Booze – NMRA Hot Street E.T./MPH Record Holder
  • Trick and Mansweto – Australia SS/A Record 7.34 @ 184 mph
  • Dan Morrison – USBA Jet Sprint Boat World Champion
  • Tim Cummings – USBA Jet Sprint Boat Runner Up
  • Tim Stout (Pro Systems Test Driver) – MMM Pro Bracket Champion

Honorable Mention:

  • Jason Fitzgerald O’Reilly – All Stars Rookie of the Year
  • Mike Stavrinos – Quickest ORSCA Legal 10.5 Nitrous pass 4.37

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