Check out some of our champions and record holders for 2005.   Congratulations to you all on another great year!

Bryan Markiewicz- NMCA Super Street Champion

Jamie Stanton - NMCA Pro Stock Champion

Billy Glidden - FFW Street Outlaw Champion

Kevin Parent - NSCA NPS Champion

Bruce Poulos - NSCA NPS R/U

Jimmy Byrne - NMCA True Street Champion/Record Holder

Andy Mcdermid -  SCCA A/S Div. Champion/Record Holder

Tom Sloe - SCCA A/S Multiple Track Record holder

Bob Johnson - Division 6 Top Sportsman Champion

Todd Geisler - Ram Racing Drag Radial Champion

John Carinci - OSCA EZ Street Champion

John Baio - NSCA NPS Record Holder

Gabe Large - NMCA Mean Street Champion

Jeff Swanson - NMCA Mean Street Record Holder

Bischoff Engine Service - Engine Masters R/U

Randy Jewell - NSCA Top Street Champion/Record Holder

Kenneth Kesper - Australian Sprint Jet Boat Champion

Mike Demayo - NMRA Hot Street E.T. Record Holder

Max Gross - NMRA Hot Street M.P.H. Record Holder

Charlie Booze - NMRA Hot Street Champion

Stan Williams –  Clash of the Titans Super Street 10.5 Champion

Tim Rivette – Clash of the Titans Pro Street Champion

Edison Lluch - American GT Champion/Record Holder

Mike Love - CRC Modified Open Champion

Robin Robert - Hot Rod Pump Gas Drags R/U

John Balinsky - NSCA Drag Radial Champion

Sean Menzenburg - B/Modified Record Holder

Paul Mercure - IHRA Top Stock Champion

Joe Aluise Jr.  - IHRA Top Stock R/U

Tony Depillo - NHRA SS/B Record Holder "Worlds Quickest Super Stocker"

Smooky Hall - First Drag Radial in the 7's

R.J. Gottlieb - Honorable Mention "Big Red Reincarnated"

Phil Lasko – SCCA GT-1 Champion Central Division

Bruce Parker – NMRA Open Comp Champion

Darrell Peterson -  FFW Street Warrior Champion/MPH Record Holder
Steve Pateman -  2005 World Street Challenge Champion

We are still waiting for reports from other racing series, so check back soon for additional updates.

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