Bill Glidden 
orld Champion NMRA Pro 5.0
World Champion Edelbrock Pro-Series S/S

World Champion

Glidden Racing Engines powered both the winner and runner-up in  Pro 5.0 andin the Edelbrock Pro-Series this year.  Bill and Shannon work tirelessly to improve their program year after year.  We are proud to be part of their team.


Derrick Smith
Runner Up NMRA Pro 5.0

 Edelbrock Pro Series

Jamie Gelting

Runner Up Edelbrock Pro-Series S/S

Chris Uratchko

World Champion

Record Holder

9.20 E.T.  146.30 MPH

Pro Stock Champion

Gary Elliot

Edelbrock Pro-Series

World Champion NPS



Jeg Coughlin Jr. 

World Champion

World Record – 6.750 E.T.

The Jegs  team was a wealth of information for us this year.  With top notch technology and the teams ability to use it, we tested everything under the sun on the Jegs car this year. Hats off to Nick in the engine shop, Crew Chief Extraordinaire Roy Simmons and of course that Jeg Jr.   He sure can drive.


Jim Yates – Runner-Up

IHRA Super Stock

Roy Brooks

World Record Holder

6.59  102.59 MPH

NMCA Pro-Nostalgia

Jim Mackenzie 

World Record

149.65 MPH

NMCA Nostalgia ProStreet

Dale Pittman

World Record

7.507 E.T.

Matheos Racing Engines

World Champion

Darrell Thomas

Chris Jarman Racing Engines


Rob Golobo

MPH Record – 185.97

                  Mike Moran Racing Engines

NMCA Hot Street


Rick Moroso

B.E.S Racing Engines

World Champion

NMCA Easy Street

Bob Curran

World MPH Record


Fasttimes Racing Engines

World Champion

Phil Hines

B.E.S Racing Engines


Gary Rohe

World Record – 8.397

B.E.S Racing Engines

NMCA Real Street

Bruce Lagory

B.E.S Racing Engines

World Champion

Dan Paolini

World Record 8.872

155.02 MPH

NHRA Super Stock

Tony Depillo

"Honkin' Hemi"

World Record Holder 9.09 E.T. 146.5 MPH

NMRA Hot Street

“The Pro-Stock of NMRA”

Brian Booze

World Record 9.23@146.36 MPH

Kuntz and Co. Racing

World Champion

Billy Laskowsky

Ronnie Manchester


Kurt Neighbor

Glidden Racing Engines

Third Place

Trans-Am Series

Butch Leitzinger

“Rookie of the Year”

5 Poles and 3 Wins 

2nd In Points

CRD Engine Development


Phil Massuch

Outlaw Late Model

Pierce Racing Engines

2002 Triple Crown Champion

Open Class Competition

Mike Love

World Champion

IMCA Modified

Varian Sisson


Highest Winning Percentage 

 in IMCA History

Honorable Mention

“Wheelstand of the year!”

Mike McConnell

We would like to thank everyone for choosing PRO-SYSTEMS,  and to some of you for allowing us to use your cars for testing etc… We know we didn’t get to everyone (we’re still waiting for clear jpegs from our circle track, off road and truck puller champions) but we are working on it and we’ll update as we get them!  Send  ’em in guys/gals!!!2003 Contingency Program