The first in the 4’s a decade ago and now into the 4.20’s as Mike Martin shocked everyone when he set the Outlaw Nitrous 10.5 record at 4.23 seconds!! Martin uses a set of our Split Dominators atop his 1969 786 c.i. Camaro.

If you are looking for a set of fast accelerating Split Dominators that will respond to tuning and instantly jump up against a tight nitrous converter or launch an engine against a clutch without bogging. These are your best choice.

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All of our Split Dominators include these features:

  • HP main body/CNC end plate w/adjustable stop
  • Available in cfm ranges from 575-820
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • CNC billet, custom exit angles, stepped boosters
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Custom float
  • Clear sight plugs
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats
  • Custom fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection