• Part # P7765 The Mach 2 Phenolic Shear plate for 4500 series intake manifolds is 1/2" tall. If you are mounting your SV1 on a 4500 series intake or Dual carb intake, the Mach 2 is just the ticket for maximizing power and throttle response. The Mach 2 is designed for the 110mm blade equipped SV1 to increase horsepower, improve low speed signal on low signal engine programs, increase throttle response and drastically improve part throttle signal generation. PLUS its phenolic so it acts as a heat insulator as well. A typical 700-900 h.p. engine will consistently show a 7-12 h.p. gain when employing the Mach 2 Shear plate.
  • Part # 8805 If you are looking for the most consistent fuel pressure with minimal pressure drop under a load, you need to use a Bypass regulator.
    Our Part # 8805 Billet bypass regulator is the best way to go to give you rock solid fuel pressure.
    The regulator is a simple hook up and go setup that can be plumbed in many different ways.
    Includes 3 -8AN fittings as shown.
    Check out our 440 Fuel pump page (in our Racing Parts section) for various plumbing diagrams for the 8805 regulator.
  • Part # SPK1 Stop guessing! This is the best scope available for reading spark plugs. We're racers, so we even upgrade this one to have a super white light to make locating porcelain heat, timing marks and misting even easier. You say you don't know how to read all the information a spark plug provides? Well, you will now. Our tuning video is included. This video gives you an intense series of lessons in reading spark plugs and tuning your engine. You will watch this video over and over. Now you have the knowledge and the equipment...go tune that engine! Check out this link regarding reading spark plugs.
  • Part # VID
    TUNING 101
    This video teaches you the important tuning information you need to know to properly:
    Adjust your carburetor
    Adjust your air bleeds
    Make main jetting changes
    Read spark plugs
    Select and read fuels
    And more...