The Australian Pro Street Association has two naturally aspirated classes.  The SV1 now holds the Record for the quickest and fastest passes in class history for BOTH of these Naturally Aspirated classes. Check out our 5/3/10 News release for the first record set by Trick and Mansweto with a pair of tunnel ram SV1’s

They took their SV1 “Out of the box” and the Australian crowd was in shock as the score board flashed a 7.68 @ 180.62 mph.  The Australian driver Ali Sead and tuner Barney Demaj of Victorian Performance Warehouse used their new SV1 to BLOW AWAY the record in Australian Pro Street Association Modified Street Naturally Aspirated class.   Apples to apples our 1600 cfm SV1 versus a 1600 cfm dyno tuned four barrel.  This breaks the old record they owned and had cultivated for a year by an amazing .13 and over 3 mph!!!  To Quote Barney: “The carb is the only thing we changed, that SV1 carb is just UnF#@kingbelievable!”

Sam Vincent doubled up recently, winning not only won the SSO class in Joliet he also took the Superbowl shootout win as well.  His 7.2 second SSO Mustang is really flying this year.

Speaking of flying, congrats to Charlie Booze Jr. who used his abilities with a wrench and a wheel to tune and drive his way to victory in the highly competitive NMRA Hot Street class at the Milan, MI event.  That class is cutthroat for sure and Charlie Booze knows how to do the deal.  He has been called the Warren Johnson of Hot Street.

In Bracket racing news, lets not forget our Alky four barrels, they are some great carburetors for sure. Rich Forbes is on a tear with his third win coming last week.  Rich uses a pair of our Alky Tunnel ram Dominators on a 572 to run 7.20’s and clean house in the bracket classes.

In Circle track racing news…GO Paul Schaffer!!  Paul earned us a victory and the pole for our 4412 series carbs at the tricky M-40 Speedway Friday night. Paul took the pole by 3 tenths!! Congrats to Paul on his win.