Part # VID

Learn how to tune Professional engines! In this informative and detailed video we describe:
BSFC numbers and analysis
Distillation curves of fuels and using them to your advantage
Analyzing RacePak Data
Reading sparkplugs on regular fuels
Reading sparkplugs on C-series fuels
Adjusting Air bleeds
Selecting sparkplug heat ranges
Extensive dyno sheet analysis
Fuel curves De-mystified
Selecting a proper fuel
Using ICT in the real world
Altering individual cylinder timing without ICT
Jetting with large plenums
This video also includes a live demonstration on the wet-flow bench and much much more.

Our subjects in the video range from 4150 tuning tips, Dominator sizing and calibration information to correcting and analyzing an IHRA Pro Modified racing engine, and we even give up the secrets to the perfect fuel curve, tested by the current IHRA Pro Stock World Champion. After watching and understanding all the information in this video you’ll have completed your knowledge of tuning a high performance engine. This one has it all! There is so much information in this video, you will have to watch it over and over again.

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