Part # 7801

The new Pro Systems 7801 Multi Fire HD-i box is the final step in Multi Spark boxes.  Offering incredible reliability and unparalleled consistency for your street, bracket car, circle track, off road, or road race application.

Designed to withstand the rigors of full time street use, bracket racing, competition road racing, off road racing and circle track racing, the 7801 Multi Fire HD-i box is your best choice for the power, consistency and reliability you need from your vehicle.

The Pro Systems 7801 Multi Spark Ignition is one box, that takes Multi Spark to the next level in performance and reliability.  Easy to install and comes with a built in rev control (install the rpm chip of your choice..making it legal for chip limited racing) this box is all you need for your vehicle.

Our 7801 boxes are built and can be serviced right here at PRO-SYSTEMS