Part # P7762

The Mach 3 Air Straightener for 4500 series intake manifolds is only 1/2″ high to increase hood clearance (versus the 1″ tall Mach 4 spacer).

If you are mounting your SV1 on a 4500 series intake and even a Dual carb intake, the Mach 3 is just the ticket for maximizing power and throttle response without increasing your plenum volume OR decreasing hood clearance.

The Mach 3 is designed for the 115mm blade equipped SV1 to increase horsepower, improve low speed signal on low signal engine programs, increase throttle response and drastically improve part throttle signal generation.

Dyno testing on many 900 to 1300 h.p. engines has consistently shown us an average 10 h.p. gain when employing the Mach 3 Air Straightener.