This series, designed for the serious or casual nitrous user, ensures tons of detonation eliminating signal and amazingly fast launch and shift recovery times. This world record holding design is certainly a key player in the nitrous wars.

With exceptional fuel shear and incredibly even distribution this program allows you to really stand on your tune up without fear of lean cylinders. If you want to go fast and set records, this series will do it.

Pro Systems Racing Carburetors - 4150 Black Pro Systems Racing Carburetors - 4150 Silver
Dogleg version with intermediate circuit available.

The new NITROUS PRO-IV 4150 Series include these features:

  • HP style main body
  • Available in cfm ranges from 780-1040
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Billet baseplate
  • VENOM II Billet Metering blocks or Modified Cast Holley Blocks
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Balanced drag float (12.5 grams)
  • Screw-in jet extensions
  • Clear sight glass
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats
  • Fully machined hi-shear radiused boosters
  • Custom nitrous curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection

Priced as low as: $790.00 gasoline