R and D continues around PRO-SYSTEMS day in day out and no matter the season. Every once in awhile we get some interesting requests. IHRA opened up a class that required a two barrel carburetor. So naturally the racers were using Holley Split Dominators. Well Roy Brooks who already owned the current world record with his IHRA Super stocker that was equipped with a “box stock” Holley Split Dominator thought there was more left in the program. Roy contacted us to build a better mouse trap. We talked awhile about his needs and in a couple weeks time we shipped him a one off custom built design. The first shot out of the box saw Roy just demolish the IHRA Super Stock class record by two tenths and four mph in the EIGHTH MILE! Remember Roy was also the previous record holder. This is with our “out of the box jetting” just the way we shipped it to him. Judging by the wheel stand and the massive record crushing, we’d say it was time well spent.




Roy's Record



Good work Roy, it sure was fun working with you on this project.


Roy's Car




Speaking of projects, we have been doing extensive testing and development work with Phil Harper Motorsports (248-347-9258) in Trans-Am competition designs. For the 2002 season the SCCA had reduced the fuel cell volume. This was intended to cause the teams to pit for fuel once during the race. After doing some calculations, we determined that we would have to not only exceed the fuel mileage that only electronic fuel injection offers, we would still have to make more power to boot to ensure a win. Needless to say…testing was the order of the day this spring.



Trans Am



There was still snow on the ground when we arrived at the racetrack. Look how bundled up everyone is in the photos (it even snowed while we were at the track). Well it all came to fruition. Last week at Lime Rock we really got a handle on it and recorded fuel mileage numbers that were 10 percent better than fuel injection had ever attained. The Phil Harper power level was world class as was the Revolution Motorsports Trenton Forging Corvettes performance via driver Stu Haynor. Stu grabbed the pole position by .4 of a second and recorded the fastest lap on raceday by .5 of a second. Not only that…we were the only team that could run the entire race without needing to stop for fuel. Good job guys. I’m glad the check cleared! That was quite an undertaking. You got the power, you have the mileage, now go win races will ya?!!!


The Garage




Trans Am Engine


Ed Bigley races his weekly bracket ride, competing in the tough Division 1 Heavy Eliminator/no-electronics class running out of Raceway Park in Englishtown and Atco in New Jersey. You’re looking at a 3900 lb. ride, race ready with driver that has gone a best of 10.48 @ 124.61 n/a with a 1.37 60 foot, leaving off the footbrake and through a full exhaust on 10″ tires. Ed uses one of our 4150 series carburetors on his pump gas 468BB, with a dual plane manifold backed by a turbo 400 and 12 bolt rear. Ed has worked with us on many 4150 projects and his Chevelle is typical of the bulk of our customer base and is an excellent test bed. Ed’s feedback is very reliable and he’s a real “professor” type. Hey “Big”, thanks for letting us wear out your Chevelle and for testing all that crazy stuff we send you!










Now were getting Nostalgic!







Ol'Reliable Engine




This car isn’t so much a test car as it is a test of time. When asked to get involved in this project there was absolutely no precedence. So we were a bit nervous. It’s a “W” engine for goodness sakes…what — are there 5 of these things left? (LOL) So all the computer data and programs for calculating engine requirements was “out the window”.   As you may or may not know, this is the Famous Jim Mackenzie’s Ol’ Reliable 1962 Chevy. Man this car is nice. Check it out at an NMCA race near you. Oh and DO NOT miss the NMCA’s upcoming debut event at Martin US-131 Dragway. These guys really know how to put on a show. Great people, Great Times.

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