As you know we spend countless hours with our customers on the phone tuning them between rounds and although we can’t be at every track every weekend we do our very best.

This past weekend we were at the Hot Rod magazine NMCA event.


Nostalgia Pro Street is one of the most hotly contested classes this season. A typical bill on these engines soon will be approaching six digits. This is not cheap racing folks. Rob Golobo with Mike Moran power and a set of our dominators has the mph record approaching 190 mph in a street legal car in the 1/4 mile!




This car is the most violent leaver in the Nostalgia Pro-Street field. It literally scared the hell out of me the first time I was standing next to it and it left the line. If they can ever get this car hooked it’ll not only reset the mph record again, it should give Pittman a run for next years championship. Get that new car done guys!


The Championship this year is pretty much in the bag with Dale Pittman grabbing yet another win for our team.

Heres what his record looks like this year:

Won Atlanta – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
R/U St.Louis – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
Won Virginia – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
R/U Cecil County – NMCA, qualified #2 \ NPS.
Won Quaker City – Street Car Event, qualified #1 \ Pro Street
Won Martin, Mi – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
Won Grand Bend, Canada – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
Won Quaker City – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.
Won Maple Grove, Pa – PRO, qualified #1 \ NPS.
Won Stanton, Mi – NMCA, qualified #1 \ NPS.

Dale Pittman would like to thank among others, Matheos Racing Engines, Rossler Transmissions, Mike Moran Motorsports, Nitrous Express and of course Pro Systems.



Super Street was an all Billy Glidden affair. Doing long smokey burnouts leaving a haze in the air that only settled after he dropped the clutch and blasted out of the area. Glidden used one of our custom Nitrous Pro-IV dominators to run a 7.54 at 187 mph and win the final round.



Pro-Nostalgia was a runner up score for our team as Jim Mackenzie redlighted away the win in the final round…better luck next time Jim.



EZ street was a win for our side as current mph record holder Bob Curran won the deal. He ran a fine 8.47 with his street legal corvette using FastTimes Motorworks power. I had a good time working on your car this weekend Bob, thanks for the win and the burnt hamburger (just kidding).

Speaking of burnt, Jim Widener swapped out a burnt up competitors carb for one of our designs after the last round of qualifying had ended. So untested, using the carburetor on raceday, just the way I handed it to him (a carb I stole/borrowed/loaned from Bob Curran and then hastily set it up for Widener), Jim made it all the way to the final round. Good work Jim.

Hot Street found mph record holder Rick Moroso of Moroso Performance scoring another final round berth with his 2000 Corvette. Rick was fighting electrical gremlins all weekend. Fortunately his carburetor guy (yours truly) looked at the computer graphs, brought out the dart board and identified the defective component on his first try…LOL. See Rick, I’m more than just a carb guy..every once in awhile this blind pig finds an acorn.

In Real Street, mph record holder Bruce Lagory broughtout the big whip. Bruce uses one of our very big Dominators and BES power to propel his ‘Cuda to 150 mph passes and win event after event after event.

A special U.S. Nationals congratulations to Tony Depillo. We built a set of carbs for Tony for his SS/B car and with our out of the box jetting (no time to dyno) he made it all the way to the finals at the U.S. Nationals where he pulled a “Mackenzie” and redlighted away the win. Ooops. Tony’s car qualified number one in SS/B and was so fast he even outqualified half the SS/A cars. Great job guys!

Congratulations to a couple of our other customers Jeg Coughlin and Jim Yates for their win and runner up respectively in NHRA Pro-Stock at the U.S. Nationals and thanks everyone for stopping in. Also, thank you Michael Ray for the fantastic photos.

See you at the races!!