If you’re going circle track or road racing, there are a lot of anti-siphon modifications and custom fuel curves required for sharp response and drivability (the key to winning)

Our road racing and circle track designs are constantly developed and updated with the latest advancements and then perfected by some of the best road racers and circle track drivers in the country. We’ve qualified number one overall at the Rolex 24, we’ve won the coveted SCCA Triple Crown and grabbed multiple IMCA and Late Model Championships and track records, we’ve won the USBA Jet Sprint Boat Championships for several years in a row, (now there is a g-force test for sure..they pull 3 g’s and more), we have won SCCA GT-1 Championships, Trans-Am Series Championships the list goes on…. you get the idea…

These carburetors are serious stuff. They are fully prepped and ready for action. You won’t believe the throttle response and “driver feel” this series offers and best of all… you can bolt it on and go racing.

Pro Systems Racing Carburetors - 4150 SilverPro Systems Racing Carburetors - 4150 Black

This Series of 4150 carburetors includes these features:

  • HP style main body
  • Available in cfm ranges from 780-1040
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Billet base plate
  • VENOM II Billet Metering blocks or Modified Holley Cast Blocks
  • Adjustable throttle response (compensates for track conditions)
  • Built in alternate calibrations
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Road race or LH floats (your choice)
  • Clear sight plugs
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats (titanium on alcohol models)
  • Stepped boosters
  • True race fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection

Priced as low as: $760.00 Gasoline or $820.00/Alcohol or E85 w/VENOM II blocks