Kevin Parent and his SV1 WIN AGAIN!! Back to Back in NPS competition at the NMCA race this weekend in Joliet.  Kevin used Dart power and the new Dart box intake (a great intake BTW) to win two races in a row. Congrats Kevin!


Lets talk Four barrel carbs for a second…..Larry and Ron Rhodes of Rhodes Custom Auto (302.378.1701) are doing the Back to Back wins with our four barrel designs as well. This time in the Ram Racing Series. Getting these little tire, very high powered cars down the track really shows who can tune and drive thats for sure. Congrats to the folks at Rhodes Custom Auto for their “Two wins in a row”. They are some talented folks.


…and back to SV1’s.  The unbeatable Bitzanis and his SV1 are at it again.  Last week Adam won both races at his local track for a clean sweep of the weekend.  So he decided to give his regular track a break and took his act on the road. A promoter was paying $50 times your age to win. So Adam showed up at the event and sure enough he won AGAIN!!   Back to Back to Back wins for Adam and his SV1.  Adam went on to pick up his check and when you do the math it pays: $50 times your age of 45 years. Check for $2250.00  Adam, now don’t you wish you were a Hundred. Congrats!