The 4412 carburetor is originally designed for use in a dump truck and construction type commercial vehicles.  So making improvements on the design is an easy one.

Correcting the fuel curve and maximizing air flow with mods that straighten the air to improve flow YET WILL STILL pass GO-No-GO gauges is what we are all about here at PRO SYSTEMS.

So if you are looking for maximum power and fantastic drive ability from a 4412, (with hundreds and hundreds of wins and more Records and Championships than we can count) we got you covered!

We also offer versions with Milled choke horns, our VENOM II billet metering block, thinned shaft, raised boosters, over size venturis, various fuels from Gasoline to Alcohol to E85, just a menu of upgrades are available depending on your rules package.

4412 Pro Systems Carburetors
Pricing starts at $650 for most models.
Also available for E85 fuel and alcohol. Other options and upgrades are available. Contact a PRO SYSTEMS Sales Rep for details/upgrades to maximize the design for your rules package.